Why you should hire a professional photographer.
One of the most common regrets that couples have after their wedding is over is that they didn't hire a professional photographer.  

At Hudson Studio, we understand every nuance of a wedding day, from the nerves to the joy from the stresses to the fun.  We arrive at each wedding totally prepared, possibly over prepared, and ready to shoot.  We thoroughly enjoy our job and know how important it is to get the best images possible and help our couples relax and enjoy the day that they have been planning for months upon month.  We've learned when to engage and when to step back...and that's a very important bit of knowledge.  We guide, but don't push, we pose, but let your personality create the expression and feeling so the image looks natural and unposed.  We help you with anything you need and cover everything with a smile.  We and let you enjoy your day without an overbearing photographer running (or ruining) your day.  When you're having fun, even the formals are bearable.  =) 

In this time of cell phone photos and I-pad images and friends with cameras, it's easy to take photography for granted.....until you receive your images.  It's then that you realize how important those images are.   Honestly, the average wedding costs over $30,000.00 and you will barely remember a third of your day.  I've always compared it to an "out of body" experience, you're there, you're going through it and thoroughly enjoying yourselves, but when the is over, you barely remember a thing.  You're so busy preparing and making sure that everyone is ready and thanking and talking and moving all day that it flies by.  Then you get the pictures that you thought weren't all that important and you look to find the images that are dear to your heart and they aren't there.  Sadly, you can't go back and do it over again...the moment is gone.  I wish I could tell you how many people I've spoken to over the years who still aren't talking to their friend or uncle who messed up the photography at their wedding.  It gets and for a long time.  Even cheap or "build up my portfolio free" photographer costs in the long run. 

When you hire a professional, you can rely on the fact that they know their equipment, they have many cameras, lights, memory cards, batteries, and lenses at their disposal throughout the day.  When we photograph a wedding we have 8-10 camera bodies, lenses and more lenses, batteries, and a couple of dozen memory cards and work with a minimum of four to five cameras throughout the day.  You see, we don't put an entire wedding on one camera or memory card, because we don't want to chance losing a card or having a technical problem or having the SD card die before transferring images to the computer.  Trust me, equipment breaks and cards go bad, flashes decide to die at the worst time and you drop a card and it destroys the images upon impact. We don't take chance, so we replace our memory cards at the beginning of each season, have our cameras tuned up and cleaned, and replace anything that needs replacing before we start our wedding season.  Including our suits.  Yes, we wear suits.  Why? because we respect you and your wedding.  (and you truly don't want to see me in Lula Roe....I don't want to see me in it! lol!!)  

The other important thing about hiring a professional is that they actually know all about their cameras and how use them properly.  They don't rely on  a computer to fix their mistakes.  We do use Lightroom to edit, but we don't have to over edit the photos because we compose and expose them properly when we take the image.  We also do black and white and some cool pre-sets on some, but always give you the originals and the images with the pre-sets together.   

Anyone can buy a nice camera and take pictures of their kids or their vacation and some are quite nice, but a wedding is totally different situation, one that changes constantly and if you aren't familiar with the pitfalls of a dark church or a bright sunny day, things can go bad fast.  It's tough when you know what you're doing, but nearly impossible when you don't.  Having a friend or family member photograph your wedding is a nice thought, but what happens when they want to enjoy the party?  Who's taking pictures?  A professional photographer's role is well defined, people know who they are and what they're doing and guests respect the job at hand.  It's a huge responsibility and the stress levels can elevate quickly when something goes wrong and an amateur probably won't have the equipment to take a deep breath and keep on going.   A professional won't even think about drinking at the reception or trying to party or hook up with a guest (well, except for that lady in Texas, but we won't go into   We're there to tell the story of your wedding day in photographs and make you look amazing! 

You will be spending your day with your photographer, so make sure you click with them.  They shouldn't be causing you stress on an all ready busy day.   Hudson Studio's photographers take care of the little things that make a huge difference in your photographs like making sure your tie is straight, your hair is out of your eyes, your train is properly laid out, your veil isn't in your face, and will take you to the best places to shoot the best photos.  We can pin on boutonnieres and flowers when needed, we can run items back and forth between the bride & groom before the ceremony.  We can calm you when things go awy (as they sometimes do). We can help you plan your itinerary, because we've photographed over 3.300 weddings of all sizes and styles.  We're comfortable with what we do.  We remain calm when things don't go as planned, we have the right mixture of patience, experience, understanding, and know how to "go with the flow" all the while keeping some structure intact.  

We're fun.  We're professional. We love weddings.  We listen to you and what you want.  We work with you to create the images that you've been dreaming of.   We love weddings.  =) 

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